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Alaska's economy is strengthened through the development of a diverse ecosystem promoting the commercialization of innovative technologies & practices. Innovate Alaska (2.0) is an effort by EDO’s, businesses, and the extended innovation community to do just that.


We are building Alaska's tomorrow,

today, by:

01 /
Growing an entrepreneurial & innovation ecosystem.
02 /
Empowering export and import substitution businesses to innovate.

03 /

Engaging the next generation of Alaska entrepreneurs.

Key curated activities & cornerstone events across the state are coordinated and promoted,

through the Year of Innovation calendar, and the Alaska Startup Digest, 

bringing Alaska businesses, communities, organizations and individuals together.


2021 Year of Innovation


1 Million Cups Wed 9 am (ANC)  

Alaska Startup Digest -sign up at:

Other (TBD)
Lean Launch

 Accelerate: Alaska

Startup Weekend Fairbanks (FBX)

Blue Pipeline Incubator 

    UAF Active Innovative Minds Student Club (FBX) 

$ = Opportunity for capital
SMALL UPPERCASE TEXT = Startup or Innovation option available.

2016 YOI Companies:

Pandere logo.JPG
60 Hz.png

Founder Laura Oden shares how she reinvented herself through Pandere Shoes (started at the 2016 AK Startup Weekend!)

About includes a weekly news digest and calendar of events (Alaska Startup Digest), useful metrics (forthcoming), information, and links to AKStartups Facebook Page and Group, connecting entrepreneurs, communities, economic developers, and decision makers, in the activities, resources, and conversations necessary to grow successful Alaska businesses and product distribution in local,

national and international markets. ​


Innovate Alaska (2.0) reflects the collaborative efforts of a growing number of economic development organizations, co-working spaces, businesses, and investors statewide that have come together for the shared goal of diversifying Alaska’s economic base. This is done through a “pipeline” of curated events, publicized through a weekly digest calendar, which increases the flow through of validated business models and focal points for available financial and human capital for startups. Through the “Year of Innovation” calendar of events “pipeline” it is now possible to start with an idea fostered from a fall event that could lead to >$100,000 in capital and investments - and a plethora of other resources for startups and business development - in just one year.


This means that Alaska’s great ideas and innovations now have a clear pathway

to market validation and success – right here in Alaska.

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and find out how you can get involved in your area:


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